The Six Levels of Candy

We have identified six levels of visual finish which are consistently requested. These range from black and white line to photorealistic. For ease of comparison we have created the same TVC in all six levels of finish, for both storyboard frames and Boardomatic+. All levels of finish are available in any style desired from Candy’s stellar crew of artists.

Full Colour Frames

Standard full colour frames – the go to for 9 out of 10 colour requirements.


Full Grayscale Frames

Full greyscale tonal shade gives the highest black and white finish.



Black & White Line and Pencil Shading Frames

Additional shading adds depth and greater sense of molding.


Black & White Line Work Frames

Simple and quick, yet still convey detail and expression.



Hybrid Colour Frames

Bringing you the realism of photo real work, beautifully combined with illustrative technique; giving the detail, warmth, charm and emotion.


Photo Real Colour Frames

As close to reality as you can possibly get.



About Boardomatic+

Boardamatic+TM offers a fast, effective solution to link research TVC content, with enhanced animation. Mid way between a standard boardamatic and full animatic. In our opinion the perfect choice for most research requirements.


Finish Boardomatic+



Airwick Botanica Boardomatic+