50 Years of ‘The Best of British’ From Candy

As Griff Rhys Jones once said “This could be your lucky day! 21 years ago this year, Graham Norton hosted “The 100 Greatest TV Ads” Our new showreel “The Best of British”, is the perfect vehicle to showcase the Candy Crew’s incredible array of talent, combining the best artists, producers, directors, animators and editors around the world. “The Best of British” takes you on a 2 and half minute ride through 29 of the best loved and most iconic British TV ads of the last 50 years. How many can you name? Showcasing 16 of Candy’s incredible artists, “The Best of British” is an example of true global collaboration – Candy style!


Full Colour Boardomatic+ – offers a fast, effective solution to link research TVC content, with enhanced animation. Mid way between a standard boardomatic and full animatic. In our opinion the perfect choice for most research requirements.

Air Wick 2.5D Animatic

The 2.5D approach is also a faster process and not prone to the time consuming technical difficulties often encountered with the 3D process. The AW “Vibrant” 2.5D sample shown here against its 3D counterpart can be produced in 10 days from brief to final delivery.

Vauxhall Mokka – Pigeons

The Vauxhall Mokka helping its driver to stand out from the crowd and not be pigeon holed. Again a Candy Crew collaboration between senior, producing a great colour Boardomatic+. As well as some lovely car work, there is also a lot of “pigeon” character development on display. Smashed it at research!

Peloton – Christmas Advert

The wonderful team at Dark Horses, engaged us to work with them on two Boardomatic+ for Peloton. Here is the winner, “Workouts For The Family”. Set to two new covers and the amazing original Nina Simone track, “Feeling Good”, the spot introduces us to four members of a family, who during the festive season all stay fit and healthy with their own personal workouts.

Intel Digital Demos for the Mobile World Congress

Candy were briefed by our friends at 2LK to create 8 x films for Intel to show at the Mobile World Congress 2021. Due to the Covid crisis, the event was staged online, which created a global reach. Our international team combined their creative skills to produce innovative web-interactives and AR environments – allowing Intel to communicate complex stories.

Candy’s Six Levels of visual finish

We have identified Six Levels of visual finish which are consistently requested. These range from black and white line to photorealistic. For ease of comparison we have created the same TVC in all six levels of finish. All levels of finish are available in any style desired from Candy’s stellar crew of artists.